Friday, 30 December 2011

After Christmas is before Christmas

I'm not sure the translation into English and the move to another event works with the title above, but really when you think about it, with a yearly event like Christmas you can really start the countdown directly after the 25th!

(For those interested, the original quote is by famous German football coach Sepp Herberger "Nach dem Spiel ist vor dem Spiel (After the game is before the game)" and is very on the lips of everyone for all sorts of different events.

So back to my post. Christmas is well and truly over and the new year is knocking at the door which will feature in some future blog posts. But today we are already starting to think about NEXT Christmas with an early start to the Jingle Belles prompts for 2012 and I'm one of the lucky girls they asked to guest design this week!

"No time like the present(s)" is the theme and we were invited to use our gift wrap as a background or as an accent or cut out motifs from the paper, or we could make a card featuring images of presents.

I was very lucky to have received some gifts this year even though we were on a no present kick again so I was able to get crafty with the papers.

I made this card using the brown paper that wrapped each of my 12 embellishment parcels from Helen as part of our Counterfeit Kit Challenge Master Forger DT exchange (and I will be posting about those lovelies soon!). I cut some landscape strips and edged it with glitter after crinkling it up to give it some dimension. I glued down some confetti snowflakes that arrived in one of my Christmas cards and cut out some trees from an older KI sheet of paper.

And this one was using some of the kraft wrapping paper from the little Chance's presents to both of us. It was a lovely design so I decided to make it into a gift on its own and lift myself from one of last year's cards.

Jingle Belles have changed up the format a little for the new year and will be issuing a challenge every two weeks which means that I need to make at least two cards for each one if I'm going to have any chance of having enough at the beginning of December. So I started as I wish to continue.

I know it sounds crazy but it's never too early to start. Why not come on over to Jingle Belles and join in the fun?


  1. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Well done on your guesting and you know I love anything that re-uses things - especially the second one! Happy New Year!

  2. woooo hooooo...the fun begins! Love both of your cards..congrats on the guesting!

  3. Yeahhhhh Lisa!!! I was so excited to see you as a guest and I LOVE your cards, but that shouldnt come as a surprise, because I always love your work!

    I love the colors of the first card and how you worked in the wrapping and the red and kraft colors of the 2nd card are just divine! Wonderful cards as always Lisa!

  4. Wow, that really is getting a head start. Loving your cards, especially the red & kraft. Have a very Happy New Year Lisa!

  5. Love those glittery *snowy* edges on that krafty paper ... fabulous wrapping paper design ... so glad you joined us to kick off our Jingle Belles year.

  6. i actually think that quote works *PERFECTLY* in a christmas card context!!! or at least, it sums up my attitude towards keeping on top of this and making it fun instead of a panicky chore!

    as for your ♥FABULOUS♥ cards, once again, you've started out quite astonishingly well, i love that both cards re-purpose items in addition to being soooooo gorgeous to look at. the crumply kraft-wrapping hills are GENIUS, with all those gorgeous little trees on top; and of course the "present" card is a perfect way of combining BOTH sides of this prompt! well done, and thank you sooooo much for helping us kick off the new series in style!!! ♥♥♥

    ps: i need to make 48 cards this year, also, so i made two cards to this prompt, as well, and will show off the "other one" next week!

    pss: do you think sepp herberger might like to guest design with us sometime this year, lol??!??!?! :) :) :)

  7. Hi Lisa ... here we go again with JB challenge ... love your cards ... hope you had a lovely Christmas ... best wishes for 2012 xxx

  8. You really are so inspiring

  9. You are so talented just lovely. So nice to meet you just found your beautiful blog and so happy I did. I have enjoyed looking around and I'm now following you, if you find a spare minute hope you visit me sometime and follow back so nice to meet new friends. Sending you special wishes for a wonderful New Year I’m looking forward to keeping in touch in 2012.
    Always Wendy

  10. I'm in and the 300th follower over at Jingle Belles! I had so much fun watching you last year that I would regret not joining in this year! And a wrapping paper challenge in right up my alley! I love the scenery in your happy card!

  11. Your card makes me happy, I adore the little trees!

  12. Great card Lisa, love how you've used the brown paper with a touch of

  13. Btw, congrats on the GDT spot, very well deserved you did fab with last years prompts.xxxx

  14. Anonymous4:14 pm

    Love the little snow encrusted hills! Very cute card.

  15. I love your use of the Kraft paper, very cute card. Thank you for the inspiration over at JB.

  16. congrats on guest designing :)
    love the brown paper with all the sparkle :)


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