Saturday, 31 December 2011

Things I Loved... December

Ha ha! I'm determined to stay ahead of the game this year on my monthly photo reviews and I'm seriously considering making each one into a scrap page. I figure if I did that as well as my 12 on 12 (woefully behind) then I have the whole review based stuff covered and I can just dabble in whatever I like then. Still working things out in my mind but two spreads per month seems do'able. Anyway, I totally stole this idea of a monthly review from the wonderfully talented Deb *waves* and have so enjoyed looking back and seeing details to the months that might have got missed otherwise.

I participated in a 12 Days of Christmas Embellishment Exchange with the Master Forger girls over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge and it was a blast. I was teamed up with Heavenly Helen and it proved a perfect match. I loved all the little things that she sent to me. I was so excited every day to see what goodies lay in store for me. We had agreed to mix up bought, made and from-our-stash embellies and I was delighted to receive several of Helen's famous (well they are now!) layered hand-made flowers. *sigh*:

In return, I sent her these 12 parcels full of my goodies and both sides were happy and content!

I had visitors the weekend before Christmas and it was lovely to have the chance to catch up and spend a few quiet hours together. A market visit complete with Gl├╝hwein was of course, a must:

I managed to sneak in a few of these before the end of the TNL season:

I completed the last of my Jingle Belles cards and was delighted to find that I'd completed 60. It was so great to have them all ready to be written:

There were English lessons at the Christmas Market as well as lots of fun indoor lessons too:

Not as much as last year, but snow was sighted in my neck of the woods the week before Christmas!

And even though the tree stood there au naturel for several days, it finally got its face lift and I was tickled pink (pun intended) with the result:

There were fancy dinners, a perfect turkey and silly party hats:

Completed by all round prettiness:

2012 can come and do its best. I'm ready for it. ;-)


  1. Wow! Fun look at your December, and the last 2 photos are awesome!! Hope you had a great holiday!

  2. Gorgeous photos, looks like a wonderful Christmas

  3. Looked like a splendid December! Happy New Year, Lisa!

  4. Anonymous2:24 am

    Glad you liked your gifts - you know that I loved mine too! Your month looks like fun and I love your pink tree decorations. Your photos are fabulous!

  5. Beautiful photographs Lisa! I especially love your bokeh photo :)Thank you for your lovely comment today :) The dinner photos look like you were having a grande time.

  6. Your photos are gorgeous! I especially love the one of you looking so happy and that lovely pink rose. Your parcels looked so absolutely pretty I don't know how your swap partner could bear to open them lol

    Happy New Year to you and yours Lisa

  7. Happy New Year !!!! I hope you had a good Christmas, I love your photo's and so impressed with all the Christmas cards you made.xxxxx

  8. Heidi6:39 am

    xo Lisa. Miss you like mad ;) Awesome to see your season thru photos. I can't wait to see the LOs as they trickle thru (I'm assuming here...) xo Heidi


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