Thursday, 22 December 2011

Bad blogger catch up #2

Ha ha! Bet you are surprised to see me back here again aren't you? Well, I did say that I would try to get back here with my November round up (just in time for me to do a December round up!) and then maybe tomorrow or Friday, I'm planning to share some scrapping that I've been doing over at Whimsical Musings.

November is a birthday month in our house but we were both struck down with a horrible winter cold and  our special days ended up like a damp squib. A total write off :-( But I did manage to find some photos to represent the better side of the month...

November 2011 was the best November, weather-wise, that I can ever remember. And I'm including my November spent in the South of France back in 1986 and Manila in 1997. It was glorious with blue skies most days and not a single day of rain. Mornings were filled with dew covered spider webs and low, late, colourful sunrises. I was in heaven.


It was warm, sunny and like the most perfect autumn of my imagination, even on my birthday. I had the most perfect weather birthday in history:

I got beautiful, bright, happy flowers for my birthday which helped compensate for the fact that I was as sick as a parrot:

The Christmas Markets opened and I enjoyed my first Poffertjes of the season:

We all stopped for a moment on 11.11.11 and I made sure I recorded the moment:

And I made sure there was a bit of time for scrapping and my current banner obsession:

Last but not least, my personal bar keeper kept the cocktails flowing to help chase away the runny nose blues:

And that was November. Now that I'm caught up, maybe I can keep this going from here on.

Thanks Deb for this great idea - perhaps I should lift the photos and journalling for monthly layouts to support my 12 on 12s. Now there's a thought... ;-)


  1. Beautiful photo's, I always look forward to seeing them, you have a very good eye for photography. I tried my very first Poffertjes ever on Friday, they were delicious, why had I never had them before !!!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.xxxx

  2. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Lovely photos - I love the idea of summing up the months. Next year I want to try some sort of monthly round up if I can get myself organised. Did I spot a Curlywurly? ;)

  3. Lisa, that's a lovely, interesting, eclectic collection of photos

  4. Wow, fantastic photos the last two posts Lisa. Just amazing. Have a wonderful holiday season and a very Happy New Year!

  5. Well, you being a bad blogger is not as bad as me being a BAD Pay it Forwarder!! I've not forgotten and do hope to get something made over the holidays :) PS - love the photos, you have some fantastic shots!

  6. ohhhhhhhhhhh ♥HAPPY BIRTHDAY♥ to you and your man! i'm sorry you were ill, but it seems like you managed to have a bit of fun during the rest of the month!!! :)


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