Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Doilies and so much more

The Counterfeit Kit Challenge mini-challenge #2 is use doilies on your layout. 

How much fun is it to be challenged to do something I already do all the time?!?

Since the doily trend came out, I'm always looking for new ways to use them and I made sure that I had included a few in my Valentine page kit, Love Notes. The ones I'm using the most right now are just ones you can buy in any grocery store for cakes, cups or afternoon tea! I also have some printed ones from Maya Road and some die cuts ones given to me as a present, but these simple paper cake doilies are cheap and easy to use.

I used the LOAD prompt, "When I grow up" for this layout and had a lot of fun with my layering and paint/glitter splatting. Messy twine, an off the page cluster and a little journalling and this page has everything I'm loving right now! I added in the small white tag, the white twine and two buttons to my page kit for this. 

February Valentine page kit, Love Notes, layout #4

This might be my favourite layout of the month so far!

How will you be using your doilies?


  1. Beautiful page Lisa - very you! Love the wee photo of you hugging your cuddly toy so hard!

    Third page on my hop around and 15th attempt at Blogger's new Word Verification ... I wish they'd left it alone!!!

  2. I'm not surprised, it's gorgeous

  3. Anonymous1:21 pm

    No wonder it's a fave - it's beautiful. I really like your glitter splashes - I'm using metallic paint and keep meaning to try the glitter and forgetting. I love the photo - so cute :)

  4. It's a stunner!

  5. That is gorgeous! So you, and yet different...

  6. Just beautiful! I love the glitter splatters and all that layering!

  7. Doilies plus twine is deluxe!

  8. Gorgeous page! I love the delicate layers!


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