Saturday, 18 February 2012

I always thought...

Another LOAD layout where we are digging up stories from our past. So many prompts can be interpreted so many different ways and it's been fun each day to just see where my thoughts go.

Each day, as I look through photos, others catch my eye and then speak to me a few days later which is what happened here. This photo has really been popping up in my hand every day or so since day 1 and so I decided to make it work with the prompt "I always thought..."

I used my October 2011 Counterfeit kit, Fall In Love to make this overly pink layout but I think it works as it's about us women!

I'm happy to say that since the beginning of LOAD I've now managed to complete and break up the leftovers for three Counterfeit kits that I had hanging around and have just a few scraps left. Good to see these products finding a happy home.

Counterfeit October kit, Fall In Love, layout #7

I'd been saving this gorgeous ribbon for a special occasion but I'm learning that this attitude is crazy! Use it up right away and with abandon! It's perfect for this girlie layout and am happy to see it on a page rather than collecting dust in my room.

The combination of LOAD and Counterfeit is so great for these kind of aha moments!


  1. beautiful photo and LO. THAT's the dress I always remember you wearing. Love the thought of you scrapping with abandon! xx

  2. Lovely page, great use of repeating scallops! I have a lot of that rose ribbon I need to start using too!

  3. These prompts sound fantastic! and I'm enjoying seeing how much you have been enjoying them too. Another page bursting with energy and detail. Love it.

  4. This is a beautiful LO!!!

  5. Love it! So soft and feminine!


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