Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Grab your paints and get going

The Counterfeit Kit Challenge mini-challenge #3 is up and it's all about the colouring. Crayons, pencils, markers, felt-tip pens, paint - whatever is your colour of choice. The gorgeous photo of Crayola crayons on the challenge blog post (here) reminds me of a layout I created last week as part of LOAD about my wonderful birthday present way back when I was 9 (post here). A box of 64 Crayola crayons with the integrated sharpener - I was so in love with this box. I think I need to get myself some more!

Anyway, onto the challenge in hand. I opened up my February kit, Record, and looked for inspiration. I'm not a doodler or a freehand artist so I was hoping to find something in there that could be altered in some way. This paper jumped out at me as something with an open pattern that could be interesting.

I took out my gold acrylic paint and watered it down a bit so that it was quite runny and less a solid colour. I then used a fine paint brush and picked out some elements of the pattern to lightly cover in gold.

As it was quite thin paint, some of it dried quite quickly so I gave it a few minutes and then sprinkled some gold glitter over it. The glitter only stuck to parts of the painted area which gave it a more random effect.

To match up the gold and glitter on the paper, I did one of current favourite techniques and splatted some diluted glue for some glitter and also some diluted paint across the cardstock.

My end result was a lot of fun and used up quite a lot of bits and pieces from my kit.

February kit, Record, layout #5

Now, got to dash. I need to track down some Crayola. A giant box :-)


  1. Love the blue and gold combo, and your arty take on colouring. I am quite retro-envious of your humungous box of crayola - but, without Woolies, where would you find some now?

  2. Wow, that's a different take on the idea. You have made one of those very pricey glittery pieces of fancy paper and I like it! I always wanted one of those big boxes of crayons too

  3. Oh this I've got to try, I love what you've created

  4. Anonymous11:52 pm

    What a great take on the colouring challenge - I love that gold on the blue and you know I love the glitter splatters! I also love that picture of you - so pretty :)

  5. Great glitzy gold goodness - say that three times fast!

  6. Love the way you've blinged up your paper - clever!

  7. Such a cool technique! I like how you've made friends with paint lately. I'm beginning to fall in love with the Counterfeit Challenges, but I haven't been completely pulled in yet to actually make the time to do them. I've been following their blog lately and love the counterfeit ideas...fits right in with being a "green" scrapbooker!


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